3 Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

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3 Must Have Plugins For Your Wordpress Blog After you install Wordpress, your blog is ready to go. Before getting started, you need to add a few plugins to give your blog more functionality. The plugins can do a variety of things for your blog like: increasing SEO, adding site navigation links,  and adding social media elements. ·        Statcounter - use this plugin to study your analytics. It will show you how many people visit your blog per day, keywords used to find your blog, and the most popular posts on your blog. Definitely a keeper! ·        Date Exclusion SEO – use this to remove the dates from your blog. This is important if you want your blog to be evergreen. Evergreen means it is relevant regardless of the year.  So if someone visits your site in five years, they will see the content (because of no date present) as valuable and not discount it because the date says 2011. ·        Google XML Sitemap – Creates a helpful map for visitors who want to see what content … [Read more...]

Create Most Wanted Posts On Your Blogs With These 3 Tools!

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Create Most Wanted Posts On Your Blogs With These 3 Tools! After selling my blog for nearly $60,000, I took the time to reflect on the keys to my blog’s success. Besides the time and hard work I put into the blog, there were some tools I used that help me launched my blog to $100 days, daily income, and constant traffic. Word Tracker This is my absolute favorite tool. This tool rocks because it shows you keyword phrases that are actually being searched for over a year’s time. I use it to find variations of my targeted keywords on my blogs. Type in your keyword phrase and notice the variations Wordtracker displays. Use this data to accurately add products or content to your blog! Google Trends This tool is an absolute must. It shows you the trends and patterns that occur with your keyword phrases. Use it to see the historical data and use this to create content for your blog. My favorite way to use this tool is to look at what … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Writers Should Be Monetizing Their Blogs

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3 Reasons Why Writers Should Be Monetizing Their Blogs I’ve noticed a disturbing trend online. Companies are offering talented writers a flat fee to write quality content for their sites. The fee ranges from a few dollars ($2) to a couple of hundred dollars. Initially, this deal may sound amazing but if you do the math, you will realize you are getting a really bad deal. Easy Money =/= Best Money I speak from experience so don’t get offended by what I’m about to share with you. I used to write for a huge company who would pay  me $15 per 300 word article. This was amazing initially because I would write 10 or more articles a day and get paid on a regular basis. This was before I learned about monetizing my blogs. When I learned that optimized blog posts can bring in the $15 or more per day (very small estimate), I realized I was selling myself short by writing for a corporation who was giving me a flat fee but they were making … [Read more...]

From $1 to nearly $60,000 in 29 months!

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From $1 to nearly $60,000 in 29 months! By Zenée Miller In 2008, I was fired from my full-time corporate training job. I was quite comfortable prior to that because I had benefits and was getting a reliable pay check. Getting fired shook my reality. What would be my next move and how would I proceed. I learned about blogging in August of 2009. My friend showed me how to use the blogs to bring in income. My first month, I made $1.23. Sounds small but I was proud of the accomplishment. In September of 2009, I made nine cents. Yes, .09 cents. By the end of 2009, my blog generated around $38!     I continued blogging and by the end of 2010, my blogs had made over $5000. This was exciting because blogging didn’t feel like work. I was writing about things that were interesting to me and I was actually helping people as I built my online company and brand! In 2011, my blog continued to grow and got to the point of really being passive income. I could update … [Read more...]